Fuel Additive Fun

Fuel additives seem to be the most popular science-based scam outside of alternative medicine.

I’m not sure whether the promoters primarily make their money from investors or customers, but it seems that there’s enough money in it to keep a steady stream of ‘inventions’ coming.

The press (or ‘mainstream media’ as us bloggers call it) loves the ‘Aussie innovation’ angle, so I’m pleased that the Sydney Morning Herald has got a grip and has published a series of many critical articles.

Firepower have now threatened to sue blogger Daniel Rutter, a step which I think they will find counterproductive in the age of Google.

The Herald has treated another magic fuel additive completely differently — again, see Dan for the details. An initial uncritical puff-piece, followed by a mysterious two-stage withdrawal of the article, with no real description of the reasons for doing so.

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