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Keep Your Hands Off My Holidays, AHA

From an ABC report:

The Australian Hotels Association (AHA) says people should be forced to forfeit some of their annual leave if they do not take enough holidays. The association says Australians are saving up too much money, while the tourism industry is floundering. AHA chief executive Bill [...]

Computer Scientists as an ethical elite

… every culture … needs a kind of self-questioning, ethical elite … Perhaps you see very little link between the Charles of 1267 with all his newfangled French notions of chastity and chasing after Holy Grails, the Charles of 1867 with his loathing of trade and the Charles of today, a computer scientist deaf to the [...]

bash command completion for jstack/jps

I’ve only recently become aware of jps and jstack, Sun’s tools for listing Java processes and for producing a thread dump from them. They beat the old ps | fgrep java and kill -3 (and then try to find the log file your thread dump went into…).

You still have to use jps, copy the appropriate [...]

A Dialogue

The year 2329. Two humans in ostentatiously futuristic garb are removing a 21st century human from a block of ice.

Future Human 1: “What is your name?”

21st Century Human: “Jake — what happened to me?!?”

Future Human 2: “You have been frozen for 300 years”

Jake: “Thanks for thawing me out — what are your names?”

FH1: “We have [...]

Books from India Update

I received the ‘Eastern Economy Edition’ of “Advanced Topics in Types and Programming Languages” last week.

It’s a well constructed hardcover.

The negative points are: - It has an ‘inky’ smell. - The paper is thinner than usual, so you can see the printing on the other side of the page.

Neither is a real problem.

Books from India for the Win!

I haven’t ordered this yet, but has some tempting deals:

Google Translate is not always so useful

Emboldened by my previous success, I decided to translate the subject of some Chinese-language spam: 卓越的指引管理让战斗力数倍提升

Apparently this means: “Excellent management guidelines several times to enhance the combat effectiveness”

I don’t know if the translation is inaccurate or the subject is poorly written.

It reminds me of the apocryphal story about the translation software which when used from [...]

Google Translate to the Rescue!

I finally got around to ordering a new keyboard for my MacBook Pro, to replace the one which lost a few keys on our last Fedex Day.

I was a little nonplussed by this response via Paypal:

“The seller has provided the following Order Status information for your review: Order Status: 已发货”

So much for taking the supremacy of [...]

Laptop design stupidity

A relative of mine has a recent HP Pavillion laptop. (I suggested that she get a Mac, but she was concerned about MS Office compatibility).

I was doing some telephone support trying to reattach it to her wireless network tonight. I was ultimately unsuccessful, but I did learn two reasons why HP laptops suck.

HP has their [...]

I am on the front page of cuil!

Well at least my picture is:

Perhaps the Sudbury, Ontario municipal sculptor will use that photo as a reference when they erect a statue honoring Tom Davies…