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CAL and the Tapestry 5 Tutorial

The technique described in my previous post can be used to create Tapestry 5 pages which call CAL functions. Tapestry also uses Javassist to enhance pages, so adding CAL integration requires that Tapestry is reconfigured to apply the CAL transformations in addition to its own — I wasn’t able to find a way to transparently [...]

Javassist and Annotations for Interfacing Java to CAL

In order for CAL to interoperate with Java frameworks we need to provide a Java class which delegates method calls to CAL functions. The framework sees only the Java class, and is unaware of the delegation which is taking place.

How we do this depends on a number of factors:

How easy it is to hook into [...]

Interfacing CAL to Java Frameworks — Part 1

This article discusses the differences between CAL as a client of Java libraries and CAL modules as clients of Java frameworks.

CAL is a functional programming language which runs on the JVM. One of the advantages of a language which compiles to Java bytecode is that it is simple to call any of the many available [...]