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More SMH Bashing

I read an interesting article in the SMH a few days ago about a technique for preparing children to learn to read by increasing their ‘phonemic awareness’.

The first thing I think when I read about any innovation is “does it really work?” — the evidence was addressed by a single paragraph:

After 13 weeks [...]

It’s always the cover up which gets you.

I suppose Watergate is the archetypal example of the consequences of the cover up being worse than the original offence, but you see it all the time.

The example I have in mind has less geopolitical significance, but will probably be more interesting for most readers.

A company named PopCap Games publish a nice little game called [...]

Innumeracy in the SMH

From an article in today’s SMH:

The State Transit Authority’s own figures show the number of people travelling without a ticket or with the incorrect ticket has shot up by more than 40 per cent in the past year.

Is this true? Unfortunately it’s contradicted by the very next paragraph:

From March 1 to May 31, 2008, officers [...]

Not what you expect from Apple

While the new iPods look fine, I was surprised to see the mess that was Apple’s Australian web site at 7:25 AM this morning.

Broken images everywhere and copy which refers to the old iPod nano. Surely the updates should have been ready for weeks, and deploying them should be a press of a button!