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Fuel Additive Fun

Fuel additives seem to be the most popular science-based scam outside of alternative medicine.

I’m not sure whether the promoters primarily make their money from investors or customers, but it seems that there’s enough money in it to keep a steady stream of ‘inventions’ coming.

The press (or ‘mainstream media’ as us bloggers call it) loves the [...]

The Tyranny of Distance

Apple ships good developer documentation with OS X, and Xcode provides a good UI for searching it, but as I’m a beginner I like to read the conceptual documentation all the way through.

I don’t like reading long documents on a screen, so I print out the documents I want to read 2-up on single sided [...]

Quote of the day, Tyler Cowen on Google

“Everyone is smart and beautiful, and I didn’t want to leave.”

Not what you expect from Apple

While the new iPods look fine, I was surprised to see the mess that was Apple’s Australian web site at 7:25 AM this morning.

Broken images everywhere and copy which refers to the old iPod nano. Surely the updates should have been ready for weeks, and deploying them should be a press of a button!

Link of the Day: Test your Hindsight Bias

Do you suffer from Hindsight bias?

This is not one of those irritating quizzes which leave you thinking “But they didn’t ask the right questions!”, just a simple demonstration of hindsight bias.