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The SMH gets more numbers wrong

From the lifestyle section:

USING a solarium increases a person’s risk of developing melanoma by 15 per cent and the risk rises to 75 per cent for those who used them when they were younger than 30, a major review has found.

I suspect that the melanoma rate among under 30s sunbed users isn’t 75%, and what [...]

Books from India for the Win!

I haven’t ordered this yet, but has some tempting deals:

Google Translate to the Rescue!

I finally got around to ordering a new keyboard for my MacBook Pro, to replace the one which lost a few keys on our last Fedex Day.

I was a little nonplussed by this response via Paypal:

“The seller has provided the following Order Status information for your review: Order Status: 已发货”

So much for taking the supremacy of [...]

I am on the front page of cuil!

Well at least my picture is:

Perhaps the Sudbury, Ontario municipal sculptor will use that photo as a reference when they erect a statue honoring Tom Davies…

A New Blog

I’ve recently found myself not blogging because I didn’t wish to inflict the posts on Planet Atlassian. So now anything non-technical which I don’t think is of interest to subscribers to this blog (Hi to both of you!) appears here.